DIR Efficiency Powerful dBA Impeller Centrifugal 3D PTXi and IAOM Tradeshows Made in the USA

Reuse Motor and Stand

Inovair’s industry exclusive Drop-In replacement blower delivers the highest efficiency and lowest cost per cfm. Now also available as a complete package with new compact vertical stand (34″ X 40″ footprint)


The Greek letter “Eta” (η) is the engineering symbol for efficiency, representing Inovair’s commitment to high efficiency and energy savings

Powerful and Reliable

This proven technology delivers trouble-free 24/7 operation, can reduce downtime on your most challenging applications, and reliably produces 5-22 psig of oil free air

Noise Levels Below OSHA & NIOSH Standards

Inovair Complete Blower System (CBS) packages, feature a low noise (75-85 dBA) pulsation free sound profile improving the comfort and safety of employees.

Proven Technology

Inovair impellers are created out of aircraft-grade billet aluminum on state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machinery, and deliver far higher efficiency than positive displacement blowers and multi-stage centrifugals

Centrifugal Leadership

Inovair Drop-In-Replacement Blowers and Complete Blower Systems are the first centrifugal/turbo packages designed specifically for pneumatic conveying. Typical energy savings are 10-35%

2200/R Turbo Blower

• Best in class efficiency
• Designed for 24/7 operation in
demanding environments
• Capable of 5-22 psig
• Rated up to 125 HP
• Most economical turbo blower

Watch 3D Animation

Regional Wastewater, PTXi and IAOM Tradeshows

Inovair proudly showcases its Turbo Blower Packages at national and regional trade shows throughout the country

Made in the USA

All Inovair products are designed, manufactured and serviced in this Kansas City, USA headquarters campus


Inovair Wastewater Systems

Iηovair: Efficiency Redefined

Iηovair designs and manufactures modern high efficiency, compact, integrally geared centrifugal blower (compressor) packages engineered for wastewater, pneumatic conveying, aircraft deicing, high inlet temperature applications, recycled-material manufacturing and other applications.

Leading the way in technology with best in class efficiency at a substantially lower cost relative to other centrifugal blower technologies, Inovair turbo blowers offer results in proven energy savings of 10-35% over rotary lobe PD blowers (roots blowers), and a 20-40 degree reduction in discharge temperature, preserving product integrity.

Rugged and innovative units and our industry-exclusive Drop-In Replacement blower (allows motor and stand reuse), yield significant operational savings resulting in quick paybacks, frequently under two years.

All our products are compact in size since the increased efficiency allows for the use of smaller, industry-standard motors, including our newest product: the vertically mounted Drop-In Replacement (DIR-V), featuring a footprint measuring 34” X 40”. With Inovair’s turbo blower efficiency, a 50-125 HP motor can replace PD blowers (roots blowers) using a 75 to 175 HP motor.

Pulsation-free low noise (75-85 dBA) sound profiles improve employee safety and make for a maintenance-friendly environment adding another benefit.

All of us at Inovair are excited about the opportunity to earn your business with our innovative, efficient, and cost-effective line of Inovair Turbo Blowers. Iηovair is a division of Accessible Technologies Inc., manufacturer of technologically advanced centrifugal blowers (compressors), industrial blowers and superchargers for 2 decades.

Check out the link to see a 3D animation of an Inovair Turbo Blower in motion.

Turbo Blower Animation



Turbo Blower

Quiet Operation
Powerful and Reliable
Far more efficient than Positive
Displacement Blowers

10 – 35% Energy Savings

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η = Efficiency

Historically, engineers worldwide have utilized the Greek letter “Eta” (η) as the symbol for efficiency. Today, Iηovair brings this focus on efficiency to 24/7 industrial applications with a line of highly efficient, rugged, quiet and compact turbo blowers and centrifugal compressors.

The leader in air compressors utilized in aircraft deicing operations since 1998, Inovair’s high-efficiency, high-performance centrifugal blower technology is also at work in additional applications: pneumatic conveying blowers, wastewater aeration blowers, high inlet temperature blowers, and turbo blowers used in recycled-material manufacturing.

Stationary and portable turbo blower packages are available, as well as centrifugal blower packages re-using motor and/or stand.

Inovair Wastewater Systems

Inovair Blowers

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