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Inovair Blowers
Inovair is the industrial products division of Accessible Technologies, Inc. The company was founded in 1994 to expand the application of high efficiency turbo/centrifugal blower technology within forced induction and industrial applications. Inovair is the worldwide leader in forced air aircraft deicing, a leader in compact high efficiency blower packages for wastewater treatment, and was the first company to create turbo blower packages designed specifically for pneumatic conveying. Inovair also is a leading supplier of blowers and compressors for general industrial applications and aircraft ground support applications beyond deicing.  Highly efficient blower design, durable transmission design and space utilization are just a few hallmarks of the Inovair line of turbo blowers and centrifugal compressors. Efficiency is in everything we do–in fact, it’s part of our name.

η = Efficiency

Historically, engineers world wide have utilized the Greek letter “Eta” (η) as the symbol for efficiency. Today, Iηovair brings this focus on efficiency to various industrial markets with a line of highly efficient, innovative, quiet and compact turbo blowers  and compressors.

Thanks to our 20+ year history of centrifugal compressor leadership, the Iηovair line of turbo blowers provides significant energy savings; 10 to 35% when compared with typical positive displacement blowers.

Iηovair blowers feature the latest centrifugal compressor designs, including proprietary impeller, transmission and air control designs.

All Iηovair products are designed, manufactured and serviced in our Kansas City headquarters campus. Inovair is the industrial products division of Accessible Technologies Inc, manufacturer of ProCharger superchargers.

Inovair Blowers

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