Wastewater Case Studies

Applications for Inovair Technology

A recent EPA report (832-R-10-005) focused on energy conservation cited “turbo blowers are a significant area of innovation in blower design offering energy saving for the wastewater industry.” Not surprisingly, turbo blowers have gained rapid acceptance in the wastewater industry in recent years at large plants, but have not been affordable for smaller plants. Inovair offers a more affordable upfront capital investment solution for smaller plants which significantly cut plant energy usage, offer improved functionality and intelligent controls, resulting in notable reductions in operating costs.

With 2 decades of turbomachinery leadership, Inovair’s advanced turbo blower technology is significantly different than any other product offering available to small wastewater plants, utilizing an integrated dual-stage gear box to achieve necessary impeller speeds rather than a high speed permanent magnet motor. Additionally, this technology is not limited by the number of cycles per day, and is proven in 24/7 continuous duty environments. Inovair turbo blowers also feature industry standard Allen-Bradley® controls for ease of integration.

Wastewater Aeration Blowers

37% Energy Savings

Application: Aeration Basins
Flow: 3600 scfm
Pressure: 9.5 psig
Horsepower: 200 HP

37% Energy Savings and Improved Reliability

Western Missouri wastewater plant documented 37% energy savings along with improvements in reliability (reductions in maintenance and unplanned downtime) by replacing two of its 150 HP PD blowers (300 HP total) with Inovair’s 200HP stacked IM series blowers. See our White Paper for this case study.


33% Energy Savings, Lower dBA

Application: Oxidation Ditch Aeration
Flow: 1000 scfm
Pressure: 6 psig
Horsepower: 50 HP

33% Decrease Installed Horsepower Prevented Costly MCC Upgrades
SW Missouri wastewater facility selected three 50 HP Inovair blowers over three 75 HP PD blowers. The 33% savings in installed horsepower accompanies a significant decrease in operating noise. In addition to the long-term savings, this reduction in hp also allowed them to reuse their MCC equipment, avoiding costly upgrades.


Positive Displacement Blower Replacement

Application: Aeration Basins
Flow: 1200 scfm
Pressure: 7.5 psig
Horsepower: 75 HP

Replacing 100 HP Positive Displacement blowers with 75 HP Inovair blower
A wastewater facility with a capacity of 2.5 MGD utilizes three (3) positive displacement blowers in their aeration basins. Plant personnel felt this current system was using excessive amounts of electricity and they needed to identify a cost-effective, modern high-efficient product offering to replace the aging PD blowers which meets the needs of today’s flow rates, but also allows for future peak demands. After a complete system evaluation, a compact, integrally-geared centrifugal 75 HP Inovair Blower was sized to replace their existing 100 HP PD blowers, resulting in a savings of approximately 26%.


Inovair Operates on Same Header with Centrifugals

Flow: 890 scfm
Pressure: 9.2 psig
Horsepower: 50 HP

Flow: 1320 scfm
Pressure: 8.9 psig
Horsepower: 75 HP

Inovair replaced an aging multi-stage centrifugal blowers in two separate applications at this New York plant. Inovair blowers operate alongside and on the same discharge header as the remaining centrifugals. With a wider turndown ability than the existing centrifugals, the Inovair blowers function as energy-saving trim blowers.


Space-saving Design Plus Reduced Operating Costs

Flow: 1532 scfm
Pressure: 6.3 psig
Horsepower: 75 HP

A limited space for blowers and a need for energy efficiency were the driving influences for selecting Inovair for this Arkansas plant. Inovair’s compact vertical footprint is the smallest in the industry. And Inovair’s high efficiency and simple, yet robust, design attract many owners to look at Inovair for new construction and retrofits.


Wide Operational Range

Flow: 965 scfm
Pressure: 9.0 psig
Horsepower: 60 HP

Customer was looking for a cost effective solution that could provide good energy savings and a wide operational range. They are close to a residential area and need an option that was much quieter than their original PD blowers.


High Efficiency SBR System

Application: SBR System
1317 scfm
Pressure: 7.4 psig
Horsepower: 75 HP

A new lagoon process technology involves intermittent decants, requiring the blowers to start and stop multiple times per day. Inovair blowers were selected for this ability, coupled with a need to cut high electrical costs previously experienced with the original positive displacement blowers.


On/Off Cycling Durability

Application: Digester Aeration
Flow: 950 scfm
Pressure: 10.5 psig
Horsepower: 60 HP

Southern California wastewater plant sought out Inovair to provide a solution for their varying liquid level digester. Inovair’s compact footprint, ability to cycle on and off repeatedly, and ability to operate over a wide pressure range (3-14 psig) were all key buying influences.


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