Multi-Industry Case Studies

Applications for Inovair Technology

The leader in air compressors & blower, utilized in aircraft deicing operations, Inovair’s high-efficiency, high-performance centrifugal compressor technology also has significant advantages for additional applications, for pneumatic conveying blower systems, aircraft deicing, high inlet temperature blower systems and wastewater aeration blower systems. Stationary as well as models which allow Motor and / or stand reuse.

Wastewater Aeration Blowers

New Digester Project

33% Decrease Installed Horsepower Prevented Costly MCC Upgrades

A wastewater facility in southwest Missouri was having difficulty meeting state water discharge mandates. Over the past decade they had a significant increase in residential households that had pushed their facility beyond its rated capacity. They put a project together to add significantly more aeration to their digester tank. This was accomplished through the addition of fine bubble diffusers, along with an increase in delivered air flow.

The city had been quoted three 75 HP positive displacement blowers for this project. Inovair was able to meet their airflow needs with three 50 HP turbo blowers; a 33% decrease in installed horsepower. The reduction in motor horsepower allowed them to reuse their MCC equipment, avoiding costly MCC room upgrades in addition to long-term energy savings.

Another key benefit of selecting Inovair turbo blowers was noted at startup of the system. With the office building and control room located approximately 100 feet from the digester tank, the noise from the previous PD blowers could be heard pulsing through the building. There was concern that having larger PD blowers in this area would make the noise significantly worse. They were very pleased when the Inovair Turbo Blowers were started, as they could not hear them running from the office door, let alone inside the building.


High Efficiency SBR System

Application: SBR System
1317 scfm
Pressure: 7.4 psig
Horsepower: 75 HP

A new lagoon process technology involves intermittent decants, requiring the blowers to start and stop multiple times per day. Inovair blowers were selected for this ability, coupled with a need to cut high electrical costs previously experienced with the original positive displacement blowers.


Space-saving Design Plus Reduced Operating Costs

Flow: 1532 scfm
Pressure: 6.3 psig
Horsepower: 75 HP

A limited space for blowers and a need for energy efficiency were the driving influences for selecting Inovair for this Arkansas plant. Inovair’s compact vertical footprint is the smallest in the industry. And Inovair’s high efficiency and simple, yet robust, design attract many owners to look at Inovair for new construction and retrofits.


Multistage Centrifugal Replacement

Replacing 125 HP multistage blowers with 60 HP Inovair blowers

A wastewater facility designed for 7.5 MGD with current capacity of 2.5 MGD utilizes (3) multistage centrifugal blowers in their aeration basins. Plant personnel felt this current system was using excessive amounts of electricity. The plant personnel’s objective was to identify a cost-effective, modern high efficient product offering to replace the aging multistage centrifugal blowers which meets the needs of today’s flow rates, but also allows for future peak demands.

After a complete system evaluation, it was determined a compact, integrally geared turbo blower was the best solution to meet the plant’s needs of 1200 SCFM at 7.5 PSI. A 75 HP Inovair Turbo Blower was sized to replace their existing 125 HP multistage centrifugal blower. The multistage blower was operating at roughly 92 HP. The Inovair turbo blower is sized at 68 HP, meeting the required operating conditions. This results in a savings of approximately 26%.

To minimize annual capital expenditures, plant management is replacing one blower this year and a second unit is budgeted next year. The plan is to use the more efficient Inovair turbo blower as the primary blower with the existing unit maintained as the mandated back-up unit. After the second blower is replaced with an Inovair turbo blower, the blowers will once again be alternated on a weekly basis.

Pneumatic Conveying Blowers

Flour Mill Facility Example–Flour Load-out System

Increase load-out capacity by 25%

A flour milling facility was looking for options to reduce their electrical expense. When evaluating their electrical load they found PD blowers were a significant percentage of the overall load. They opted to evaluate a flour load-out system with a 75hp PD blower for their initial project. The Inovair Drop in Replacement turbo blower provided a solution to their needs. This option also allowed them to retain their investment in their existing blower stand and premium efficiency motor.

Inovair worked with the customer to evaluate the system under two different scenarios to determine the maximum benefit; reducing the electrical consumption at existing capacity versus increasing the capacity to reduce the overall operating time. For the first option, the Inovair Turbo Blower was set to duplicate the operating conditions of the PD blower with an average line operating pressure of 9.5psi. This setup reduced the power consumption from 51.5KW to 39KW, for a 24% energy savings.

The second option involved evaluating an increase in the operating pressure capabilities of the Inovair Turbo blower to fully utilize the existing 75hp motor at the required airflow. This change resulted in an increase in line capacity from 48,000 lbs. per hour to 60,000 lbs. per hour, for a 25% improvement in throughput. The average line operating pressure was 12.5psi with a power consumption of 51.9 KW. An additional benefit of the increased throughput was the ability to decrease the operating time for the entire load out system resulting in even more energy savings. With consideration being given to both options, the customer selected the increased throughput as the most beneficial solution.


Cereal Manufacturing Example–Railcar Unloading

Replaced 75 HP PD Blower with 50 HP Inovair Turbo Blower

A cereal manufacturer utilizing rice flour for their extrusion process needed to increase system capacity and was looking for options. The rice flour is delivered to the plant in pressure differential rail cars, and due to increased product demand, the customer had to look at alternatives to increase the rail car unloading system’s capacity. The goal was to limit the amount of work required, and retain as many components as possible, including convey line, product receivers, and process controls. The existing PD blower’s reserve had been exhausted, and would need to be replaced for the capacity demand. After weighing the options, the customer invested in an Inovair Complete Blower System (CBS) as the preferred option to resolve their plant’s demands. The 50 HP Inovair blower was installed in place of the existing 75 HP PD blower, and now allows the plant to operate their rail car unload system reliably at 12-13 psi providing the system capacity requested without requiring further modifications to the existing unload system. On top of the energy savings and increased system capacity, the substantial dBA reduction has also eliminated noise complaints from residential neighbors.


High Heat Drying Blower Solution

A “recycled products manufacturer” had searched worldwide for an industrial blower capable of standing up to their unique and challenging manufacturing process: forcing air heated to 350˚ F into an oven to rapidly dry the product before it could be removed from the mold. Traditional positive displacement blowers simply “melted down” under the high-heat, 24/7 duty cycles required by the equipment and process developer. In 2009, this company’s worldwide search led them to Inovair and a turbo blower technology capable of meeting their demanding needs.

Utilizing the compact and durable Inovair 2200 turbo blower, this technology has proven to be more than capable of standing up to the 350˚ F inlet air temperatures. Operating at 5-7 psi and providing a constant 1,400 cfm of heated airflow, the automated manufacturing process also carries a 24/7 duty cycle for maximum productivity.


Pneumatic Conveying Blower Example

Quiet and Energy–Saving Load Out Line

Loading trucks and railcars can be a stressful operation. A loud blower only adds to the stress, making it more difficult to communicate with fellow workers and equipment operators. Loud blowers also potentially limit operational hours of a plant, especially if a plant has residential properties encroaching or citations associated with violating noise ordinances. Additionally, if the load out operation is time sensitive, it is important that a blower can reliably operate at higher pressure levels, to improve throughput and productivity.

A flour mill put the Inovair Complete Blower System to work loading flour into trucks and railcars. The Inovair turbo blower replaced an existing PD blower which was located outside under a rain cover. Given this outside setting, reducing blower noise to less than 85 dBA was a major advancement for the facility – meeting current NIOSH guidelines while surpassing those from OSHA. Additionally, the Inovair turbo blower showed an immediate 20%+ energy savings (at 8-9 psi) when compared to the previous PD blower.


High Pressure Dilute Conveying Blower Example

30% Energy Savings and Reduced Downtime

For dilute phase pneumatic conveying blower lines running above 12 psi problems can arise with rotary PD blowers, roots blowers, as this is near the upper end of their operating range. At these pressure levels, PD blowers may have less ability than desired to achieve the necessary pressure rise to overcome the formation of plugs. Furthermore, PD blower or roots blower longevity may be compromised at levels above 12 psi and high duty cycles. Inovair turbo blowers on the other hand, with much higher pressure capabilities, are able to achieve the desired rise to overcome potential plugs at high psi levels, and remain extremely durable.

Facility downtime is expensive, whether caused by a plugged line or a failing blower. A facility experiencing downtime created by shorter than expected PD blower life and recurring plugged lines, as well as seeking energy reduction opportunities, installed an Inovair Complete Blower System (CBS). The Inovair turbo blower has not only generated energy savings approaching 30%, it has also shown the ability to generate a larger pressure rise than the PD blower or roots blower it replaced, reducing the exposure to plugs. Additionally, the noise levels from PD blowers or roots blowers running at high pressure can become unacceptable, requiring additional investment in silencers and/or noise isolation. With the quiet design of the Inovair CBS, the unit was placed outside the blower room freeing up space in a very crowded environment.


Aircraft Deicing Example: Worldwide Leadership

This aircraft deicing application forces pressurized air through a patented rubber nozzle and moves approximately 1,300 cfm at over 700 mph. Impeller speeds exceed 40,000 rpm in intermittent duty usage. The air stream is so powerful that it literally “lifts” snow and ice from the exposed surfaces. This results in faster deicing of aircraft, and reduces consumption of deicing fluid by nearly 80%. This reduction in the use of deicing fluid (glycol) delivers a significant reduction in operating cost and major environmental benefits. Glycol usage is regulated by the EPA, and has mandatory and expensive remediation requirements.

End users include the US Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, commercial airlines and cargo airlines. Inovair is the worldwide leader in this segment since 1999 and has become the preferred supplier for all domestic manufacturers of forced air deicing equipment.


Intermittent Duty Applications

Inovair offers a line of intermittent duty turbo blowers that are designed for systems that operate less than 3-4 hours at a time and a maximum of 10-12 hours a day. These economical units are ideal for limited duty applications requiring a light weight compact air source capable of delivering 200 to 2000 ICFM at pressures from 4 to 15 psi. Areas of application for these turbo blowers include aircraft deicing, bin aeration, high pressure spraying, drying, filter backwash, bulk truck unloading and many other applications


Other Applications

Inovair Turbo Blowers are also a great option for delivering reliable low cost oil-free air to a wide range of global applications.

Particulate Handling Water Treatment Industrial Processes
Recovery Air of Gas
Combustion Air
Air Drying
Air Floatation and Sliding
Carbon Black
Coal Gasification
Coke Oven Gas
Gas Boosting
Vacuum Systems
Air Knife Stripping
Pond Aeration, Municipal or Industrial
Wastewater Treatment
Air Scouring
Digester Gas Boosters
Filter Backwashing
Clean Rooms
Clean Up
Pneumatic Conveying
Dry Bulk
Fly Ash
Source Capture
Inovair Blowers

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