Demonstration Program

The Most Economical High-Performance, High-Efficiency Centrifugal Turbo Blowers

• Compact footprint and mobile design allows placement next to existing PD blower, simply re-route electrical and pneumatic line

• Mobile cart is designed specifically for pneumatic conveying blower demonstrations over a wide range of applications

• Demonstration cart can be easily configured to support a broad range of pressure (4 – 22 psi) and flow (400 – 2200 cfm)

• Contains the same technology as our Complete Blower System to demonstrate actual electrical consumption for your industrial application, typically 10 -35% savings over a PD blower (roots blowers)

• Discharge temperatures typically 20 – 50° lower than comparable PD blowers (roots blowers)

• Quiet Operation

Innovative New Technology Reduces Energy Consumption, Line Discharge Temperatures, & Noise

Offering the lowest cost per cfm, Iηovair covers a wide range of airflow
demands in pneumatic conveying applications with this innovative product.
Thanks to its advanced, high-efficiency centrifugal blower technology,
the Iηovair Complete Blower System can provide energy savings of 10 to 35% relative to positive displacement blowers.

Inovair turbo blowers are the ideal solution when pneumatic conveying blowers, wastewater aeration blowers and turbo blowers of other application are required.

All Iηovair products are designed, manufactured and serviced in Kansas City and are available now. Call today for more information.

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