Efficiency Advantage

Centrifugal Blower / Turbo Blowers Are Substantially More Efficient

Typical Blower Efficiencies
Positive Displacement (variable speed) 45-65%
Single-Stage Centrifugal, Integrally Geared
(with inlet guide vanes & variable diffuser vanes)
Source: EPA 832-R-10-005, “Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures,” (September 2010).

Efficiency translates directly into energy savings; the higher the efficiency of the turbo blower, the larger amount of energy savings. According to a recent EPA report evaluating energy conservation measures, “Turbo blowers are a significant area of innovation in offering energy savings.”1 Additionally, “single-stage centrifugal integrally geared blowers have the advantage of managing air flow and pressure independently,”1 allowing intelligent control and improved functionality, as well as energy savings.

The Inovair® Advantage: Leading the way in technology with best in class
efficiency at substantially lower costs relative to other centrifugal blower technologies

Efficiency Advantage Increases With Pressure

• Inovair operates at a much higher efficiency (75-80%) than Positive Displacement blowers (PD blowers or roots blowers)
• Efficiency of PD blowers declines as pressure increases, enhancing the Inovair Advantage
• Choosing Inovair typically results in 10 to 35% energy savings over PD blowers (roots blowers)


1 EPA, Report 832-R-10-05, “Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures,” (September 2010).


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