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Ideal Operation

Inovair is the first to design high-efficiency turbo blower packages specifically for pneumatic conveying applications, covering a wide range of airflow demands. Inovair’s intelligent control system maintains a consistent mass air flow providing additional benefits of reduced exposure to system plugs during pressure surges and maintaining product integrity created by variances in velocity. Additionally, unlike turbo blower packages not designed for conveying, Inovair’s airflow system responds rapidly and effectively to changes in line conditions. 

Legacy Technology

Inovair Technology

• PD blower (roots blower) airflow decreases as line pressure increases, reducing velocity in conveying system

• Typical centrifugal blower alone is not ideal match; airflow controls are required for pneumatic conveying blowers

• Ideal operating line for pneumatic conveying requires increase in airflow as line pressure increases*
• Inovair pneumatic conveying blower technology is closest match to ideal operating line and can be customized to meet specific customer needs

* Source: David Mills, Pneumatic Conveying Design Guide (Levy & Kalman, 2004), 183-210.
** Certain turndown ratios may require variable speed

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