Life Cycle Cost

Substantial Savings–A Clear Choice

The expense of blower ownership is comprised of equipment, installation, energy, and maintenance costs. Equipment and installation are a one-time expense, while energy and maintenance are continuous costs of ownership, with energy reaching up to 80% of total ownership cost. 1, 2

Third party reports state that rotary lobe PD blowers (Roots Blowers) have the highest cost of ownership over time primarily because they are the “least energy efficient”. 1, 2



Inovair Blowers

1 EPA, Report 832-R-10-05, “Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures”, (September 2010).
2 Gass, J. 2009. Scoping the Energy Savings Opportunities in Municipal Wastewater Aeration. BC Hydro/BCWWA Conference. May 5, 2010.


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