IC Series

IC Series Blower For Wastewater Applications

15-50 HP

Industry-Exclusive Design

The Inovair IC Series is the industry’s first high efficiency centrifugal blower for low HP (15-50 HP) wastewater applications. This modern design delivers reduced energy consumption, reduced noise/pulsations, less frequent maintenance and improved durability. The innovative IC gearcase eliminates the need for a belt drive and also allows the gear ratio to be easily and cost effectively changed in the field if needed. This also allows the use of off-the-shelf economical TEFC motors, and a simple and affordable control system.

Thanks to these innovations, the benefits of a modern high efficiency centrifugal design are finally available for lower HP wastewater applications.

IC-Series Features

  • The first high efficiency centrifugal for lower HP wastewater applications
  • Can achieve 15-40% energy savings relative to PD blowers
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Extremely durable design
  • Compact footprint
  • Proven integrally-geared design
  • Industry standard components
  • Direct coupled = No belt maintenance
  • Simple and low-cost control system
  • Gear ratio is field servicable, if needed
  • Unique transmission design allows use of most off-the-shelf, economical electric motors
  • Operation with or without a VFD
  • Coming Soon, Spring 2017


IC-Series Technical Drawings

Inovair Benefits

  • Energy efficient (~80% isentropic)
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Engineered and built in the USA
  • Capable of multiple start/stop cycles every hour
  • Open and Enclosed option for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Low noise option
  • Can achieve 10-40% energy savings
  • Cost effective design to compete against PD blowers at lower HP levels
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