10-45+% Energy Savings,
Best-In-Class Efficiency
Inovair Wastewater Installation Case Studies 35%+ Energy savings and improved reliability at wastewater treatment plant in the Midwest Read White Paper
Featured Articles Click an article to continue reading 45%+ Energy
savings at water
reclamation plant
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Designed and
Manufactured in the USA
Inovair is the Only High Efficiency Blower Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA
Efficiency Without
the Complexity
• Utilizes proven design and components
• No Air Bearings, Custom High Speed Electric Motors or Exotic VFD’s
• Able to Utilize A Variety of Electric Motors, VFD’s and Control Systems
Read White Paper 45%+ Energy Savings at Water Reclamation Plant
Efficiency &
• Robust Integrally Geared Centrifugal Design
• Non-Contact Oil Film Lubrication for Extremly Durability
• Designed for Harsh Environments & Start/Stop Operation
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Lowest Lifetime Ownership Cost • Superior Design, Quality and Durability
• Best-In-Class Efficiency and Energy Savings
• Industry Standard Components for
Flexibility & Ease of Maintenance
• Affordable Capital Cost, Low Maintenance Expense
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Over 25 years of industrial turbomachinery leadership Trusted for the most demanding applications

Featured Articles

Read what others are saying about Inovair from publications such as Treatment Pant Operator, Blower & Vacuum Best Practices and Global Water Intelligence.


Geared centrifugal blowers offering best-in-class efficiency and proven 10-45% energy savings.


Innovative solutions for pneumatic conveying, combustion air and general industrial needs.


The leading solution, proven to meet extreme demands of HVAC carts, fixed base HVAC and forced-air deicing.


Using the latest centrifugal compressor, impeller, transmission, cabinet and control system designs.

Inovair: Efficiency Without the Complexity

Inovair designs and manufactures modern high efficiency, compact, integrally geared centrifugal blower (compressor) packages engineered for wastewater, pneumatic conveying, aircraft deicing, high inlet temperature applications, recycled-material manufacturing and other applications.

Leading the way in technology with best in class efficiency at a substantially lower cost relative to other centrifugal blower technologies, Inovair blowers offer results in proven energy savings of 10-35% over rotary lobe PD blowers (roots blowers), and a 20-40 degree reduction in discharge temperature, preserving product integrity.

Our rugged and innovative IO Series yields significant operational savings resulting in quick paybacks, frequently under two years.

All our products are compact in size since the increased efficiency allows for the use of smaller, industry-standard motors. The innovative design of Inovair’s IO Series has the blower mounted directly above the motor, resulting in a footprint measuring 34” X 40”. With Inovair’s blower efficiency, a 50-125 HP motor can replace PD blowers (roots blowers) using a 75 to 175 HP motor.

Pulsation-free low noise (75-85 dBA) sound profiles improve employee safety and make for a maintenance-friendly environment adding another benefit.


Historically, engineers worldwide have utilized the Greek letter “Eta” (η) as the symbol for efficiency. Today, Inovair brings this focus on efficiency to 24/7 industrial applications with a line of highly efficient, rugged, quiet and compact centrifugal blowers. The leader in air compressors utilized in aircraft deicing operations since 1998, Inovair’s high-efficiency, high-performance centrifugal blower technology is also at work in pneumatic conveying, wastewater aeration, and high inlet temperature applications, as well as in recycled-material manufacturing.

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25 Year History in Manufacturing

All of us at Inovair are excited about the opportunity to earn your business with our innovative, efficient, and cost-effective line of Inovair Geared Centrifugal Blowers. Inovair is a division of Accessible Technologies Inc., manufacturer of technologically advanced centrifugal blowers (compressors), industrial blowers and superchargers for over 2 decades.

Inovair’s centrifugal compressor technology has demonstrated 10-40% energy savings over positive displacement blowers

With models ranging from 15-250 HP and 4 to 22 psi, Inovair products can be adapted to a wide range of applications and air-flow needs

Pulsation-free low noise (75-85 dBA) sound profiles improve employee safety and make for a maintenance-friendly environment

Inovair products come in both stationary and portable configurations, with modular offerings designed to minimize equipment footprint