IM-20 20-150 HP

Industry-Exclusive Design

The Inovair IM-20 is the industry’s first truly modular blower design. Each module operates independently from any other module. Modules can be deployed as single units or in a stacked configuration.

Many general industrial plants suffer from an inability to optimally regulate flow, causing them to over-flow or blow-off excess air. Both of these negatively impact attempts to save energy. The IM-20 solves this problem through modularity without burdening the overall blower footprint.

Standard Specifications

- Energy Efficient (~80% isentropic)
- Proven Integrally-geared Design
- Industry Standard Components
- Compact Design
- Maintenance-friendly
- Engineered and Built in the USA
- Handles fluctuating pressures
- Capable of multiple start/stop cycles every hour
- Reduction in capital costs for stand-by units

IM-20 Features

- Direct couple drive system
- Indoor or outdoor intake vents
- Touchscreen interface
- Detachable airbox frame
- Hinged doors for blower access
- Removable access panels
- Customizable configuration
- Annual maintenance

IM-20 Benefits

- Industry-first modular blower design
- Up to 4:1 capacity turndown
- Greater process flexibility
- Up to 50% space savings
- Industry-standard components
- Low Noise (75-85 dBA)
- Available as stacked units, a single unit and/or without frame and enclosure

Technical Information

Flow Capacity300-3600 scfm
Design Pressure4-22 psig
Turndown RatioUp to 4:1 (2:1 per module)
Motor Power20-150 HP
DriveStandard VFD
Input Power230V-575V, 60 Hz
Impeller5-axis machined 7075-T6 Aluminum
Control SystemAdvanced Integrated Controls

Flow Capacity: 300-3600 scfm

Design Pressure: 4-22 psig

Motor Power: 20-150 HP

Input Power: 230-575V, 60Hz

Annual maintenance intervals

Up to 4:1 capacity turndown

Only 2-5 year payback

Up to 50% Space Savings

Uses Industry-standard VFDs and TEFC motors

Low Noise (80-90 dBA)